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      HeidiApol '95 Apol '95, HeidiApol '95, HeidiBash at Baker
     57958JulieArtinian Artinian, JulieArtinian, JulieBash at Baker
      KarriBannach Bannach, KarriBannach, KarriBash at Baker
     62170AnitaVan EngenBateman Bateman (Van Engen), AnitaBateman (Van Engen), AnitaBash at BakerJohn Bateman '97John Bateman '97
      LisaBos '97 Bos '97, LisaBos '97, LisaBash at Baker
     42606MelissaAltobelliBrunsting Brunsting (Altobelli), MelissaBrunsting (Altobelli), MelissaBash at Baker
     69588KristenPennerBullard Bullard (Penner), KristenBullard (Penner), KristenBash at BakerBlair BullardBlair Bullard
     54300DavidCharnin Charnin, DavidCharnin, DavidBash at Baker
      AmyCobler '95 Cobler '95, AmyCobler '95, AmyBash at Baker
      TimdeForest deForest, TimdeForest, TimBash at Baker
     66820MichaelDerrick Derrick, MichaelDerrick, MichaelBash at BakerWendy DerrickWendy Derrick
      HollyAnderson '90DeYoung DeYoung (Anderson '90), HollyDeYoung (Anderson '90), HollyBash at Baker
     80551JamesDeYoung DeYoung, JamesDeYoung, JamesBash at BakerHolly De Young|James De YoungHolly De Young
    James De Young
      JimDeYoung DeYoung, JimDeYoung, JimBash at Baker
      CandyDillon Dillon, CandyDillon, CandyBash at Baker
     79638RebeccaHollenbeckDykhuis Dykhuis (Hollenbeck), RebeccaDykhuis (Hollenbeck), RebeccaBash at BakerBrian Dykhuis|Becky Hollenbeck DykhuisBrian Dykhuis
    Becky Hollenbeck Dykhuis
     77434JillEversEvers-Bowers Evers-Bowers (Evers), JillEvers-Bowers (Evers), JillBash at Baker
     53612JeanFeit Feit, JeanFeit, JeanBash at Baker
      AmyFox '95 Fox '95, AmyFox '95, AmyBash at Baker
     75755ThomasGrabill Grabill, ThomasGrabill, ThomasBash at BakerMichelle GrabillMichelle Grabill
      StephanieHaag '95Greenwood Greenwood (Haag '95), StephanieGreenwood (Haag '95), StephanieBash at Baker
     54215SarahStielstraGroenheide Groenheide (Stielstra), SarahGroenheide (Stielstra), SarahBash at Baker
     69215BrianHaskin Haskin, BrianHaskin, BrianBash at Baker
     81484JodieAndersonHaverdink Haverdink (Anderson), JodieHaverdink (Anderson), JodieBash at BakerJodie Anderson HaverdinkJodie Anderson Haverdink
      ToddHoutman '90 Houtman '90, ToddHoutman '90, ToddBash at Baker
      kristinjohnston johnston, kristinjohnston, kristinBash at BakerJon M. ZoetJon M. Zoet
     52837KarenTillsonKetterer Ketterer (Tillson), KarenKetterer (Tillson), KarenBash at Baker
      DavidKortering Kortering, DavidKortering, DavidBash at Baker
      greglam lam, greglam, gregBash at Baker
      KaraLilly Lilly, KaraLilly, KaraBash at Baker
      JimMcFarlin '74 McFarlin '74, JimMcFarlin '74, JimBash at Baker
     60841HollyMooreMcKee McKee (Moore), HollyMcKee (Moore), HollyBash at BakerJamie McKee '94Jamie McKee '94
     76813SusanMilanowskiMcKeeby McKeeby (Milanowski), SusanMcKeeby (Milanowski), SusanBash at Baker
      LeslieSchoon '93Monday Monday (Schoon '93), LeslieMonday (Schoon '93), LeslieBash at Baker
     54322LaraWagnerMoore Moore (Wagner), LaraMoore (Wagner), LaraBash at BakerClinton MooreClinton Moore
     78598VickiAndrewsNyhof Nyhof (Andrews), VickiNyhof (Andrews), VickiBash at BakerJaron NyhofJaron Nyhof
     72226KarlOchs Ochs, KarlOchs, KarlBash at BakerDiane OchsDiane Ochs
     55585ChristopherPieters Pieters, ChristopherPieters, ChristopherBash at BakerChris Pieters|Rita PietersChris Pieters
    Rita Pieters
     78622RebeccaPonkaPonka-Lokey Ponka-Lokey (Ponka), RebeccaPonka-Lokey (Ponka), RebeccaBash at Baker
     62043SandySchweitzerPower Power (Schweitzer), SandyPower (Schweitzer), SandyBash at Baker
     53873MelissaBlackRassi Rassi (Black), MelissaRassi (Black), MelissaBash at BakerAndrew Rassi ('94)Andrew Rassi ('94)
     73747MarkRichardson Richardson, MarkRichardson, MarkBash at Baker
      KristenRobinson Robinson, KristenRobinson, KristenBash at Baker
      JenniferSteeby '91Ruiter Ruiter (Steeby '91), JenniferRuiter (Steeby '91), JenniferBash at Baker
      JohnRuiter '91 Ruiter '91, JohnRuiter '91, JohnBash at Baker
     55153AlisonSchaap Schaap, AlisonSchaap, AlisonBash at BakerAshkan KhorzadAshkan Khorzad
     49336AbigailSchrock Schrock, AbigailSchrock, AbigailBash at Baker
     55755ElizabethHaagSchroeder Schroeder (Haag), ElizabethSchroeder (Haag), ElizabethBash at Baker
     25909KatherineRabeStack Stack (Rabe), KatherineStack (Rabe), KatherineBash at BakerJohn Stack '93John Stack '93
      BetsyKing '66Stavenger Stavenger (King '66), BetsyStavenger (King '66), BetsyBash at Baker


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