Alumni Weekend 2014 Attendee List

    The following list is available for you to see who is planning to make the trip to campus for Alumni Weekend 2014. Some guests may have chosen to be hidden from this list. 

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     106822JanetteVandenBergAardema Aardema (VandenBerg), JanetteAardema (VandenBerg), JanetteAlumni Weekend 20141979
     100188CaroleAardsma Aardsma, CaroleAardsma, CaroleAlumni Weekend 20141964
     106478JohnAbe Abe, JohnAbe, JohnAlumni Weekend 20141979
      BobAcri Acri, BobAcri, BobAlumni Weekend 20141979
     97461ByronAldrich Aldrich, ByronAldrich, ByronAlumni Weekend 20141954
     98508TheresaDeVriesAllen Allen (DeVries), TheresaAllen (DeVries), TheresaAlumni Weekend 20141959
      NelvieMeermanAnderson Anderson (Meerman), NelvieAnderson (Meerman), NelvieAlumni Weekend 20141958
      BarbaraNieteringAndrus Andrus (Nietering), BarbaraAndrus (Nietering), BarbaraAlumni Weekend 20141974
     106487RobertAngle Angle, RobertAngle, RobertAlumni Weekend 20141979
     106488PaulAnker Anker, PaulAnker, PaulAlumni Weekend 20141979
     102182GeorgeArwady Arwady, GeorgeArwady, GeorgeAlumni Weekend 20141969
     104261KurtAvery Avery, KurtAvery, KurtAlumni Weekend 20141974
     95050R. JackBaas Baas, R. JackBaas, R. JackAlumni Weekend 20141942
     4840BetsyWackernagelBach Bach (Wackernagel), BetsyBach (Wackernagel), BetsyAlumni Weekend 20141974
     133110CarrieVan WierenBaskers Baskers (Van Wieren), CarrieBaskers (Van Wieren), CarrieAlumni Weekend 20141969
     106494JeffBeckeman Beckeman, JeffBeckeman, JeffAlumni Weekend 20141979
     102194DonaldBerger Berger, DonaldBerger, DonaldAlumni Weekend 20141969
     53579BrianBerkey Berkey, BrianBerkey, BrianAlumni Weekend 20141984
     70307FrankBerrodin Berrodin, FrankBerrodin, FrankAlumni Weekend 20141984
     73988JeffreyBeswick Beswick, JeffreyBeswick, JeffreyAlumni Weekend 20141984
     98743HelenWadeBeuker Beuker (Wade), HelenBeuker (Wade), HelenAlumni Weekend 20141959
     99453MarieGeerlingsBlauwkamp Blauwkamp (Geerlings), MarieBlauwkamp (Geerlings), MarieAlumni Weekend 20141962
     104283PaulBoddy Boddy, PaulBoddy, PaulAlumni Weekend 20141974
     100084SusanBentallBoersma Boersma (Bentall), SusanBoersma (Bentall), SusanAlumni Weekend 20141964
     96102ConstanceHingaBoersma Boersma (Hinga), ConstanceBoersma (Hinga), ConstanceAlumni Weekend 20141949
     95349LoisHinkampBoersma Boersma (Hinkamp), LoisBoersma (Hinkamp), LoisAlumni Weekend 20141944
      BrianBoeve Boeve, BrianBoeve, BrianAlumni Weekend 20141974
     96045DuaneBooi Booi, DuaneBooi, DuaneAlumni Weekend 20141949
     104290JeffreyBooi Booi, JeffreyBooi, JeffreyAlumni Weekend 20141974
     106513RichardBosch Bosch, RichardBosch, RichardAlumni Weekend 20141979
     2040CelaineBoumaBouma-Prediger Bouma-Prediger (Bouma), CelaineBouma-Prediger (Bouma), CelaineAlumni Weekend 20141979
     104626JoelBouwens Bouwens, JoelBouwens, JoelAlumni Weekend 20141974
     75773JeffreyBradley Bradley, JeffreyBradley, JeffreyAlumni Weekend 20141984
      MadeleneMillerBrado Brado (Miller), MadeleneBrado (Miller), MadeleneAlumni Weekend 20141979
     67501MaryBraun Braun, MaryBraun, MaryAlumni Weekend 20141984
      JohnBrender Brender, JohnBrender, JohnAlumni Weekend 20141984
     104296CharlesBrooks Brooks, CharlesBrooks, CharlesAlumni Weekend 20141974
     95760PhyllisVossBruggers Bruggers (Voss), PhyllisBruggers (Voss), PhyllisAlumni Weekend 20141947
     99467ThomasBruno Bruno, ThomasBruno, ThomasAlumni Weekend 20141962
      LynnetteWitherspoonBurgess Burgess (Witherspoon), LynnetteBurgess (Witherspoon), LynnetteAlumni Weekend 20141984
     100453JackieSchrotenboerBurggraaff Burggraaff (Schrotenboer), JackieBurggraaff (Schrotenboer), JackieAlumni Weekend 20141964
      MichaelBurley Burley, MichaelBurley, MichaelAlumni Weekend 20141979
     104308ChadwickBusk Busk, ChadwickBusk, ChadwickAlumni Weekend 20141974
     65716MarianVanderHoffBusscher Busscher (VanderHoff), MarianBusscher (VanderHoff), MarianAlumni Weekend 20141984
     76808DuaneCarpenter Carpenter, DuaneCarpenter, DuaneAlumni Weekend 20141984
     1373SusanMooyCherup Cherup (Mooy), SusanCherup (Mooy), SusanAlumni Weekend 20141964
      MarkChockley Chockley, MarkChockley, MarkAlumni Weekend 20141979
     104316PaulChristenson Christenson, PaulChristenson, PaulAlumni Weekend 20141974
     100227CarolynChurchChurch Church, CarolynChurch, CarolynAlumni Weekend 20141964
     100228WilliamChurch Church, WilliamChurch, WilliamAlumni Weekend 20141964


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