Glenn Van Wieren to coach in All-Star Game

    The Holland Sentinel
    Posted Jun 23, 2010 @ 05:00 AM
    Holland, MI —

    Glenn Van Wieren is set to coach one, final basketball game.

    The former Hope College men’s coach will lead a group of college players against a team of pros at tonight’s Champions of Character All-Star Game at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids.

    Tipoff follows the 5:30 p.m. women’s game.

    Tickets are $5 and are good for both games. They can be purchased at the door.
    The Champions of Character Classic seeks to raise $5,000-$7,500 in support on the “Champions of Character Lecturing Initiative.”

    Zeeland native and former Cornerstone player Matt Kingshott is one of Van Wieren’s players.

    Here are some of Van Wieren’s thoughts:

    How is retirement treating you?
    Van Wieren: I don’t feel retired yet; I will retire in (a few) days after camps are done. I love this part of my life. I feel really good about it. I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. But I’m excited to be able to do a lot of things I haven’t had time to do. Right now, I’m treating three of my grandchildren to ice cream cones and I’m feeling good that I can do that.

    What have you been doing with yourself?
    Van Wieren: I’ve got a lot of (basketball) camp stuff going on right now. The process of seeing the next coach being selected was certainly exciting. I wasn’t part of the process - I didn’t have a vote on my replacement - but I did get a chance to talk to each of the candidates.
    I’m coaching in the (Champions of Character All-Star Classic) Wednesday (at Cornerstone University). Grace Bible coach Gary Bailey and I have got some things going … we’re going to actually be coaching. I’ve got an idea of who’s going to be there, guys like (Calvin College’s) John Mantel and Matt Veltema and David Kool (from Western Michigan University). It’s going to be exciting being able to do things with guys you know but have never coached.

    Has it sunk in yet that you’re retired? What would you normally be doing this time of year?
    Van Wieren: I’m not doing anything different yet. It was part of my contract to do the camps. The difference is that I’m not in a position to direct things anymore, but I’m going to help out wherever I can. I’m still pretty much in my normal (summer) routine, but (retirement) will really set in once the school year starts.
    I will be going to games next year. I’ve got reserved seats and I’m going to enjoy watching the guys play. We’re not running away from Holland or Hope College. All these people I know have been a part of my life for many, many years and they will continue being a part of my life.

    From a purely basketball perspective, what’s going to be different for you?
    Van Wieren: The immersion I’ve had. Every single day of the year for the past 33 years I’ve been immersed in basketball. I wake up at night thinking how I can get Will Bowser to be more aggressive on offense, how I can get Peter Bunn to shoot more, how I can get more scoring opportunities for David Krombeen. But I’m not going to be doing that anymore.
    I’m looking forward to doing more volunteer stuff, doing more things at church. I’m looking forward to doing things I’ve never had time to do … simple things like taking my chair to a Hope soccer game and watching Logan Neil and coach Steve Smith in action. I’ve never done this before, but I’m approaching (retirement) with no fear, with no apprehension. I approach this with joy knowing I’ll have time to do things with people who have meant so much to me.
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