Bob DeYoung Golf Outing

    The 2015 outing was held on Monday, June 8 at The Ravines Golf Club. Registration is closed.

    The Hope College Office of Alumni and Parent Relations hosts an annual golf outing named in honor of Bob DeYoung, Class of 1956, who served Hope College in administration for 35 years. Alumni, parents and friends of Hope are invited to join in on this great day. The event continues to grow, with over 240 people participating in the 2014 golf outing.

    Two Ways to Play

    7:00 am Registration & Breakfast

    $90 per person

    7:45 am Early Bird Shotgun Start
    12:00 pm Lunch
    12:00 pm Registration & Lunch

    $105 per person

    1:30 pm Afternoon Shotgun Start

    Golfers of all ages and skills are welcome and mixed foursomes are encouraged. This 18-hole scramble with foursome play. Teams will be placed in one of four divisions based on the average 18-hole scores. Teams can win first or second place within their division, as well as win skill prizes. Prizes are donated by corporate underwriters.

    The 2014 event was underwritten by:

    • PNC Bank
    • Elzinga and Volkers
    • Buiten and Associates
    • Creative Dining Services
    • GDK Construction
    • GMB Architecture + Engineering
    • Hilliard Lyons
    • Lakewood Construction
    • Lighthouse Group - Insurance & Title
    • Owen-Ames-Kimball
    • Watkins Ross

    In addition to the fun and festivities of the day, we also want the day to be significant in the life of the college. In 2006, Hope implemented a corporate sponsor campaign to raise money for the Bob and Marcia DeYoung Endowed Scholarship, which is awarded to a deserving student every year. This contribution ensures that even as we gather for one day to celebrate and enjoy; we will also leave a lasting legacy on the future and well being of Hope. Over the past seven years, over $30,000 has been contributed from this event. If you are interested in being a corporate underwriter for the golf outing, please contact Mark DeWitt, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, at

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    2015 Results

    Championship Flight
    Ebels, Freng, Prasad, Fellows—55
    Yamaoka, Strock, Lapham, Martindale—58
    Johnson, Powell, Hall, Anderson—58
    Johnson, Wagenmaker, Ruch, Phillips—59
    Sundburg, Capotosto, Barbow, Dull—59
    Gerrits, Pieters, Brett, Rod—59
    Mulder, Heckman, Bachmann, Clevenber—64

    Flight 1
    Scholten, Larson, Kingma, Scholten—58
    Kopas, Talsma, DenUyl, Sitzner--60
    Dekock, Bylsma, Geenan, LaBarge—60
    Johnson, Stewart, Johnson, Smith—60
    Steen, Smith, Iverson, Polet--61
    Goodyke, Post, Schaedler, Schaedler—62
    VanEerden, Payne, Droppers, Droppers--64
    Meeuwsen, Ruby, Fritz, Huisman--64
    Bouwkamp, Miergarth, Perkins, Ludema—64
    Brandsen, DuBois, VanDenBerg, Widner—64
    Smith, Sturm, Semeyn, Smith--65
    Kossen, Gorno, Barnum, Werley--65
    Bultman, DeYoung B, DeYoung T, DeYoung T—65
    Hoogerhyde, Ryan, Clark, VanEerden—67
    Julius, Havlik, Jung, Julius--68
    Dawson, Kahler, Marthins, Mulder—74

    Flight II
    Kern, Follett, Heneveld, Bosma--60
    Nykamp, VanOrder, Sneller, Girouard—60
    Formsma, Peterson, Bonnette, VanBuren--63
    DeWitt, Wilson, Tanis, Oumedian—63
    Koop, VanDeven, Koop, Klein—64
    Moosing, Smith, Smith, Mossing--65
    Kiss, Kempker, Hofmeyer, Cress--65
    Koedyker, Rink, Lunderberg, Freng—67
    Petroelje, Herweyer, Graham, Maas--68
    Koeksema, Kragt, Weaver, Hoover--69
    Ray Sr, Ray, Taber, Ray--69
    Ritsema, Vanderbilt, Ritsema, Ritsema—69
    Koedyker, Riekse, Goetz, Latchaw—74
    Droppers, Heneveld, Eickhoff, Jennings—75

    Flight III
    Pageau, Bauman, Brown, Tanis--62
    Schmidt, Schmidt, Blok, Drozd—63
    Dragoo, Currie, Siffert, Jones—64
    Sloan James, Amy, John, James--64
    Slenk, Cook, DeJonge, Fris--65
    Kopas, Talsma, Wollum, Camp—65
    Bennett, Dunlap, Post, Byker—66
    Faber, Tysse, Engbers, VanDongen--67
    Droppers, VanDenBerg, VanZyl, Richardson--67
    DeHorn, Rodgers, Schrock, Zweering—67
    Farnum, Holmes, Gibbs, Hoeksema--69
    Arnold, Boote, Soeter, Soeter—69
    Haulenbeek, Cook, Sinclair, Richardson--70
    Travis, Teater, Reuschel, Dykema—70
    Eickhoff, Bakker, VanHeukelom, Hiligan—70
    Slater, Otteman, Docter, Puckett--71
    Cash, Willard, Tommola, Meyers—78
    Burkhour, Korstange, Thornton, Thornton—81

    Skill Prizes
    Closest to Pin AM – Justin Dragoo
    Long Drive Men AM – Steve Strock
    Long Drive Men PM – Gabe Hall
    Long Drive Women AM – Elaine Schaedler
    Long Drive Women PM – Marlene Capotosto
    Longest Putt AM – Kurt Kossen
    Longest Putt PM – Andrew Post
    Closest to Pin PM – Duane Bosma
    Closest to Pin AM – Justin Dragoo
    Long Drive Men AM – Steve Strock
    Long Drive Woman AM – Elaine Schaedler
    Longest Putt AM – Kurt Kossen

    2014 Results

    Championship Flight
    Ebels, Freng, Prasad, Fellows – 57
    Yamaoka, Strock, Lapham, Martindale – 58
    Cotts, Telzerow, Telzerow, Breit – 59
    Bakker, Hiligan, Melchiori, Taylor – 69

    Flight I
    Johnson, Powell, Hall, Anderson – 57
    Brandsen, DuBois, VanDenBerg, Hop – 58
    Hillegonds, Cooper, Honholt, Smith – 59
    Boersma, Nykamp, Boersma, Root – 59
    Courtright, Heckman, Bachmann, Mulder – 59
    Wagenmaker, Gorno, Johnson, Johnson – 59
    Kopas, Den Uyl, Talsma, Campbell – 60
    Smith, Sturm, Semeyn, Smith – 60
    Paarlberg, Friedriechsen, Custer, VandePoel – 61
    Boersma, Pieters, Fortney, Custer – 61
    Dykstra, Hendricks, Koster, Benda – 62
    Oonk, Rohrer, McCollum, VanHekken – 63
    Bultman, DeYoung, DeYoung, Mellema – 64
    Slenk, DeYoung, Cook, Fris – 64
    Nelson, Post, Schaedler, Schadler – 65
    Ritsema, Ritsema, Ritsema, Hedges – 65
    Kreps, Kreps, VandePoel, Fabiano – 68
    DeKock, Bylsma, Geenen, LaBarge – 69

    Flight II
    Meeuwsen, Ruby, Fritz, Morehouse – 59
    Van Eerden, Payne, Droppers, Droppers – 62
    Barton, Norden, Voss, Rinks – 63
    Rooks, Otteman, Otteman, Burkhour – 65
    DeWitt, Wilson, Brummel, Oumedian – 65
    Kopas, Den Uyl, Talsma, Towne – 65
    Kiss, Kempker, Hofmeyer, Cress – 65
    DeYoung, DeYoung, DeYoung, Slette – 65
    Haulenbeek, Cook, Iverson, Steen – 66
    Sneller, Goodman, Miller, VanHekken – 66
    Koedyker, Goetz, Latchaw, Latchaw – 66
    Sundburg, Zeh, Bol, Barnes – 67
    Koedyker, Rink, Lunderberg, Koedyker – 67
    Howard, VanSlooten, Howard, Nykamp – 68
    Schmidt, Schmidt, Blok, Drozed – 69
    Nykamp, Nykamp, Nykamp, Nykamp – 72
    Shannon, Shannon, Shannon – 75
    Sloan, Sloan, Sloan, Sloan – 75

    Flight III
    Hoogerhyde, Ryan, Clark, Koops – 63
    Petroelje, Herweyer, Graham, Maas – 63
    Dawson, Kahler, Mulder, Marthens – 64
    Faber, Tysse, Engbers, Van Dongen – 64
    Bennett, Byker, Dunlap, Bremer – 65
    DeHorn, Rodgers, Schrock, Zweering – 66
    Dragoo, Currie, Burmeister, Banks – 66
    Droppers, Bauman, VanZyl, Droppers – 69
    Ruiter, Christensen, Beemer, Zwart – 73
    Hoff, Hoff, Travis, Smith – 75
    Docter, DuMez, Maybury, Slater – 75

    2013 Results

    Championship Division
    Yamaoka, Strock, Lapham, Martindale: 55
    Ebels, Freng, Prasad, Fellows: 55

    Division I
    Pageau, Schulte, Brown, Tanis: 59
    Boersma, Pieters, Nykamp, Root: 60
    Johnson, Powell, Hall, Anderson: 60
    Droppers, VanEerden, Currie, Klingenberg: 60
    Steensma, Schuiling, Scholten, Wever: 61
    Smith, Sturm, Semeyn, Smith: 62
    Brandsen, DuBois, VanDenBerg, Hop: 62
    Mulder, Heckman, Bachmann, Stecker: 62
    Meeuwsen, Ruby, Fritz, Huisman: 63
    Smith, Hillegonds, Vandenberg, Honholt: 63
    Boersma, Fortney, Custer, Schipper: 63
    Bultman, DeYoung, DeYoung, Mellema: 64
    Heneveld, Beckus, Candy, Thompson: 64
    Farnum, McCulloch, DeKorte, Waalkes: DNF

    Division II
    VandePoel, Paarlberg, Walters, Grysen: 59
    Wagenmaker, Gorno, Johnson, Johnson: 61
    Docter, Geenen, DeKock, Slater: 61
    Kiss, Kempker, Hofmeyer, Cress: 61
    Engelsman, Engelsman, Engelsman, Markee: 62
    Bosma, Follett, Heneveld, Hickok: 63
    Howard, Howard, VanSlooten, Nykamp: 64
    DeWitt, Otteman, Wilson, Oumedian: 64
    Formsma, Bowen, Bonette, Peterson: 64
    Kleinheksel, Kleinheksel, Kleinheksel, Kleinheksel: 65
    Dawson, Kahler, Marthens, Mulder: 65
    Johnston, Koeman, Stroop, Richardson: 65
    Hoogerhyde, Ryan, Hoogerhyde, Holt: 66
    Koedyker, Riekse, Goetz, Bouwkamp: 66
    Nelson, Post, Schaedler, Schaedler: 67
    Slagh, Albrecht, Dattels, Taber: 67
    Elzinga, Bylsma, Zell, Elzinga: 69
    Vanderbilt, Tammi, Wettack, VanIwaarden: 69
    Guyer, Rhoda, Taylor, Kragt: 70
    Giere, Graham, Herweyer, Petroelje: 71

    Division III
    Burkhour, Burkhour, DeYoung, Taylor: 61
    George, Jung, Julius, Julius: 62
    Droppers, Rob Peel, VanZyl, VanderMolen: 63
    DeYoung, Slette, DeYoung, Slette: 65
    Koedyker, Kuiper, Lunderberg, Goalen: 66
    Kreps, VandePoel, Mendels, Mendels: 66
    Boersma, Claus, Hollenbeek, Sinclair: 67
    Van Heest, Soeter, Ver Meulen, Ver Meulen: 67
    Vanderwel, Ray, Nykamp, Nykamp: 67
    Traver, VanDeven, Koop, Koop: 68
    Ritsema, Ritsema, Ritsema, Hedges: 68
    Ruiter, Christensen, Frushour, Engelsman: 69
    Faber, Tysse, Engbers, VanDongen: 69
    Schmidt, Schmidt, Blok, Drozd: 70
    Disher, Disher, Latchaw, Latchaw: 71
    DeVos, Feighner, Minnick, Leonard: 73
    Sloan, Sloan, Sloan, Sloan: 73
    Bennett, VanEerden, Droppers, Byker: 74
    Hiligan, Renz, Bakker, VanHeukelom: 74
    Cash, Travis, Robrahn, Tommola: 76

    Skill Prizes
    Men’s Long Drive Challenge AM: Jason Wagenmaker
    Men’s Long Drive Challenge PM: Steve Martindale
    Women’s Long Drive Challenge AM: Elaine Schaedler
    Women’s Long Drive Challenge PM: Jenna Sloan
    Closet to the Pin AM: Jerry Root
    Closet to the Pin PM: Brad Bouwkamp

    2012 Results

    Championship Division
    Ebels, Freng, Prasad, Cotts: 55
    Yamaoka, Strock, Lapham, Kring: 58

    Division I
    Smith, Honhold, Vandenberg, Hillegonds: 56
    Bitner, Fry, Knue, McGannon: 59
    Johnson, Powell, Hall, Klein: 59
    Kiss, Kempker, Hofmeyer, Wehrmeyer: 60
    Bouwkamp, Bouwkamp, Haverdink, Haverdink: 61
    Elhart, Geerlings, Klamt, TenHarmsel: 61
    Vandervelde, Vandervelde, Vandervelde, Morehouse: 62
    Boersma, Fortney, Custer, Schipper: 63
    Bultman, Deyoung, DeYoung, Mellema: 63
    Kleinheksel, Kleinheksel, Kleinheksel, Kleinheksel: 63
    Boersma, Boersma, Boersma, Nykamp: 64
    Gerrits, Bolt, Vanderbilt, Kramer: 64
    Vandervelde, Vandervelde, Blank, Vandervelde: 65
    Wagenmaker, Gorno, Johnson, Steet: 65
    Wuerfel, Hoeksmea, VandePoel, Kuyers: 66
    Nykamp, Nykamp, DeVos, Venegoni: 67
    Patton, Jackson, Goeman, Bowens: 67
    Sturm, Smith, Semeyn, Smith: 67

    Division II
    Formsma, Peterson, Bowen, Bonnette: 62
    Otteman, Elgersma, Curtiss, Tobak: 62
    Stinson, Candey Beckus, Heneveld: 62
    Koedyker, Iverson, Rink, Lunderberg: 64
    Dewitt, Dykstra, Wilson, Oumedian: 64
    Slagh, Albrecht, Taber, Burgess: 65
    Boote, Parsons, Lunn, Fox: 65
    Simon, Dell’Olio, Barney: 65
    Huisman, Huisman, Burkhour, Smith: 65
    DenUyl, Barton, Palmateer, Kopas: 65
    Novakoski, Novakoski, Muir, Bylsma: 66
    Nelson, Post, Schaedler: 68
    Droppers, VandenBerg, VanZyl, VandenMolen: 68
    Vanderbilt, Wettack, Kleinheksel, Tammi: 69
    Docter, Geenen, Slater, DeKock: 70

    Division III
    DeYoung, Slette, DeYoung, Maatman: 61
    Kreps, Kreps, Mendels, Mendels: 64
    Tubergen, Droppers, Droppers, VanEerden: 65
    Kerkstra, Snyder, Ford, Morgan: 66
    Bennett, Byker, Hoogerhyde, Dunlap: 66
    Travis, Kreb, Travis, Timmerman: 66
    Boersma, Claus, Sinclair, Haulenbeek: 67
    Traver, Koop, Koop, VanDeven: 67
    Renz, Guyer, Taylor, Rhoda: 68
    Kopas, Towne, Hovinga, Nichols: 70
    Koedyker, Kanode, Goetz, Davis: 70
    Ruiter, Beemer, Lovett, Miller: 71
    Ritsema, Ritsema, Ritsema, Ritsema: 71
    Boersma, Hopkins, Howard, Snow: 74
    VanHeest, Soeter, Reeg, Smith: 74
    Ebels, Ebels, Ebels, Beckford: 76
    Sloan, Sloan, Sloan, Sloan: 75
    Cash, Hoesch, Blom, Kenemer: 81


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