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Event: Homecoming Weekend
Attendee List: H-Club Luncheon

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((Kozelko) ) Spencer , Mark/Kathy 1982 
(Flikkema) Flikkema Watkin, Mary Louise1965Keith Watkin
(Hemmes) Koop, Mary Lou1946 
(Hinga) Boersma, Constance1949 
(Koning) Kiekover, Deborah1974Jim Kiekover
(Nichols) Campbell, Kathryn1999Austin Campbell
(Renkema) Paarlberg, Lori-Ann1990 
Baas, R. Jack1942 
Bauman, Kenneth1953 
Bekius, Gregory1981 
Bekius, Ronald1959 
Boeve, Ronald1960Sunny Boeve
Bonnette, Robert1961 
Bont, Richard1969 
Bouma-Prediger, Steven1979 
Brewer, Gordon1948Bob Brewer
Brookstra, William1959 
Bylsma, Gary1960Judy Bylsma
Cole, Thurland1985 
De Vette, Russell1945Doris Koskamp '50 DeVette
De Young, Robert1956 
Droppers, Kurt1979Deborah vanHoeven '79 Droppers|Kristi Droppers '76|Jacob Droppers '08 (YES)
Dykema, Mary1973 
Ebneth, Alex1950 
Engbers, James1960Harriet Wissink '60 Engbers
Faber, Jack1959Judy Eastman '61 Faber
Faber, Kenneth1958 
Forth, William1954Marilyn Forth
Fox, James1961 
Groendyk, Craig1980Al Groendyk
Haveman, Robert1971 
Higgs, Richard1948 
Holvick, Gary1967 
Japinga, Norman0000 
Mitchell, Donald1963 
Nadolsky, Karl1971Ami Nadolsky
Norden, Russell1949Eleanor Shore '51 Norden
Olson, Arthur1959 
Oosterhouse, Brian1985Bryce oosterhouse
Paarlberg, Donald1959Sue Edwards '60 Paarlberg|Ry Rupp '60|Marion Rupp
Page, Thomas1972 
Peelen, George1960 
Roos, Robert1952Marie Roos|Joshua Potyraj
Stewart, Geoffrey1975Anne Colyer '75 Stewart
Stid, Daniel1987 
Van Dongen, Gene1960 
Van Heest, Cornelius1952Mary Lou Richards '54 Van Heest
Van Hoeven, Donald1956Shirley Bouwman '57 VanHoeven
Van Hoeven, Gordon1950Gordon Timmerman '50
Vanderbilt, William1961Susan Vanderbilt